Java Architect/ Senior Java/Scala developer


  • Implementation of two-factor authentication for Wrike online project management and collaboration platform. Integration with Twilio, DuoSecurity, Google Authenticator, Jira, Zendesk.
  • Development and continuous integration processes setup for ERP system River BPM. 1C, Bonita BPM, CMIS, LDAP integration. Develop management environment application on stack: Scala/Play/Anorm/JQuery. ERP modules SSO authentication and authorization, CIFS/SMB java server integration.
  • Implementation from the scratch of Rich Internet Application, based on JPA, Spring, Spring-MVC, GWT, ExtGWT (GXT), Commet, HTML5, Highstock for algorithmic trading.
  • Design and implementation of lightweight JavaEE framework as fault tolerant loosely-integrated suite of services (SOA-based architecture, JAX-WS, JMS, AS Glassfish). Support of statistic and statement info via monitoring system Nagios. Implementation of online JMX client for monitoring and administration (Jython, Django).
  • All major payment systems of Russia (Cyberplat, Eport, Chronopay, Sberbank), Byelorussia(Erip, Osmp) and Nicaragua protocols implementation.
  • Technical coordination of new version of prepaid service for mobile IN platform @vantage (Siemens) development


  • JEE AS: GlassFish (v2.1, v3); OC4J; JBoss; Tomcat; Jetty, WebLogic, WSO2
  • Version control: Subversion; Mercury; ClearCase; Perforce, Git
  • DB: PostgreSQL(inheritance, pgplsql, PL/Python), Redis (Jedis), Oracle; MySQL; SQLite; MS SQL; HSQLDB
  • Languages: Java; Scala; Python/Jython/PL-Python; JavaScript; Groovy; XML/XSD/XSLT; SQL; C/C++; Unix shell scripts;
  • Frameworks:
    • Java: Java 8 (Time API, Streams, Lambda), Guava, Java Executor, MyBatis, Spring (MVC, Security, Data), JPA (Hibernate, EclipseLink), Guice, GWT (SmartGWT, ExtGWT/GXT), Vaadin, Jasperreports, Apache Commons; Eclipse SWT, AppFuse, Log4j, SLF4J logback, JUnit, Selenium (htmlelements).
    • Python: Django.
    • JavaScript: ExtJS, jQuery (plugins), Bootstrap.js, Angular.js
    • Scala: SBT, Play2, Specs2, Anorm, Spray, Akka
  • Technologies: Servlet, JSP/JSTL, JAX-WS, REST, EJB, RMI, JMS, JavaMail, JAXB, StAX, SAX, DOM, XSLT, MDB, JMX, JDBC, JPA, JNDI, JAAS, SOAP, AJAX, Commet, HTML5, ESB, CMIS, BPMN2, LDAP, OAuth1, OAuth2, JWT.
  • Tools: Maven + plugin development, administrate Hudson/Jenkins, Ant + custom task, SoapUI, JPublisher, Flyway, Nagios, iReport, OpenCmis, Bonita, pgBouncer, Ngnix tuning.
  • strong knowledge and experience of SOA, object-oriented design, architectural and J2EE patterns, UML, functional programming
  • native Russian, upper intermediate English


10/2014- 01/2016 Senior backend developer
Took part in developing online project management and collaboration platform Wrike (java 8 API, Maven, Spring, MyBatis, Guava, Vaadin, PostgreSQL, Redis). Two-factor authentication, authorization via OAuth1, OAuth2, JWT SSO.

RIT Center
04/2012- 10/2014: Java architect
Development process setup for ERP system in multi-environments: release policy, versioning, CI (Jenkins) maintenance, DB migration (Flyway customization), system configuration (pgBouncer, Nginx), AAA via SSO.
DB and server side architecture. Integration with CMIS , BPMN2, 1C (WebServices), common services implementation (EMail, export into pdf, doc, html). MS Office documents online editing from browser via customized Alfresco JLAN. Maven + plugin development, Ant, Apache Commons, Spring security, Spring MVC, Tomcat, WSO2, xcmis, OpenCmis, Bonita, Python scripting, Unix shell remote scripting via ssh tunnels, PL/Python

Luxoft (Deutsche Bank)
12/2010- 04/2012: Lead developer
Developing of Deutsche Bank CRM (WebLogic, Hibarnate, Spring, Spring MVC, SmartGWT, Jasper, Oracle). Client and server CRM parts implementation.
Implementating of RIA application for stock strategy instanses administration, monitoring and analysis. JPA, Spring, Spring-MVC, GWT, ExtGWT (GXT), Highstock, Commet, HTML5.

06/2008- 12/2010: Senior developer
SOA-based architecture JavaEE framework design and implemenatation for "Payment Systems" departement(GlassFish v2.1, v3, OC4J, EJB3, JAX-WS RI 2.1, Servlet 2.4, JSP, JMX, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, Maven2, Oracle, HSQLDB). Administration, motitoring, statistics implementation. Online JMX client implememntation (Python/ Jython, Django, ExtJS)

03/2007- 06/2008: Java developer
Implementation of client (Eclipse RCP) and server (Jboss 4.2, Hibernate 3.0, Tomcat, JMS, MS SQL) parts of clustering J2EE application (OLAP, Data mining).

Siemens AG
2005- 02/2007: Java developer
Project specifications developing/ support, interface and domain model design, SW implementation for Siemens @vantage mobile IN platform (Java, Unix, Oracle, Unix shell scripts).

1997-2005: Software test Engineer
Testing, debugging and integration of software for public network switches Alcatel 1000 S12 (CHILL, ASM).


2013: Course Functional Programming Principles in Scala by Martin Odersky
Statement of Accomplishment WITH DISTINCTION (100%)

2011: Course "Object oriented IS analyse. Conceptual UML modelling."

Siemens AG
2005: 3 month courses of IN mobile network (Berlin)

1997-1998: 6 month courses of digital telecommunication network (Moscow)

Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
1993-1996: postgraduate school (C, C++ programmer)
1987-1993: master of science (Fortran, C programmer)

Correspondence physical-technical school of Moscow Physical Technical Institute
1984-1987: graduated with honors